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Another Happy Customer!

Another Happy Customer!

We received this email from a satisfied out-of-state client today! We’re lucky to work with lots of bright professionals who are great at what they do but just need some technical help along the way. Claire is a great example of this, you can find her at Lessons4Now and here on Facebook. She was on a budget and had a list of things she wanted accomplished. This can sometimes be overwhelming but we were willing to work with her in phases to get her needs met. This is what she had to say about working with us!


Dear Will: I posted this in the TpT forum today. Hopefully it will bring you some well-deserved, additional business.


Looking for help with your blog or search engine optimization…? I moved to self-hosting my blog website so that I could add some widgets and change some formatting. But then I got stuck. I didn’t have the time to climb the steep learning curve needed to make the changes to my website that I wanted. I tried working with a few local folks, but none of them worked out. Then I posted in the forum asking for suggestions. After that, I put feelers out to about five companies and/or individuals. Only two responded. I followed up with the person who seemed most knowledgeable and enthusiastic about taking on the project– Will at Bit Social Media (


He had a lot of helpful, specific suggestions. His prices were affordable– approximately $50 an hour. And, he was willing to do a few hours at a time to fit my budget. I started with five hours. Will installed the widgets I wanted, helped me align my online presence, and installed some code so I could get a specific set of analytics I wanted. He then integrated my Pinterest and Facebook pages. There is more to do. Will and I agree that my website needs some major renovations. However, I’m not ready to choose a new template and/or make design changes until this summer when I have more time. I plan to continue to work with Will as my budget and time permit. Since Will completed the work described above, my sales have gone up approximately 21%.


While that level of increase won’t replace my day job, it’s still a significant jump. I’m thrilled! I’m sharing this because it took me several months to find a knowledgeable technology person who: 1) could communicate clearly, 2) expressed genuine interest in my project, 3) was upfront about costs, and 4) was affordable. I have no personal or financial interest in Bit Social Media. I just figured my experience might save someone else a whole lot of time.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done, so far!


Claire Somerville

Time Travelers Interacting via Social Media? Potentially? Well…no.

Time Travelers predicting Pope Francis’ inauguration? Or the previously undiscovered Comet ISON? Not likely, researchers say.

[Story via Mashable]

Somewhere between Back to the Future pt. 2 and 3, a wild hypothesis was born. If time travelers from the future lived here today, had they slipped up on social media—and posted about something that hadn’t yet happened?

At least, that was the question at the heart of Michigan Technological University’s latest research.

From Mashable:

The strategy behind the study was relatively simple. The duo searched for terms that described items or events that had specific names, or events and items of historical importance. The study centered around two main search labels: Comet ISON and Pope Francis.

Comet ISON was discovered in September of 2012, and no other comet had ever gone by the same name, according to the study. The situation was similar in the case of Pope Francis. When the Argentinian priest was selected to serve as the leader of the Catholic Church, he chose the name “Francis,” the first time any pope had ever used that name. Any mention of “Pope Francis” before his inauguration would therefore serve as “potentially prescient evidence of time travelers from the future,” the study reads.

Researchers reported that using social networks like Facebook and Google+ were difficult to index. Not because of search terms, but privacy settings. Researchers looked on Twitter using keywords, and hashtags like #popefrances and #cometison. The objective was to find prescient tweets ahead of their time, where no one could have possibly known in advance.

Although the researchers admit the study, a first of it’s kind, wasn’t the final answer on the subject. Citing different search times, and an objective definition over what future-based information a potential time traveler would have leaked, (or the premise that a time traveler would have posted on a social media site at all) researchers admitted they can’t rule out potential time travelers, in our time, definitively—giving us a cool, fresh premise for Terminator 5! (Erm, no, Terminator 5 is set to come out in 2015)

So, it looks like there were no significant, time-traveling voices posting hints from the future on Twitter. Although it’s a bit of a bummer, a Delorean Limo still makes us  hopeful about Time Travel:

Social Media Time Travelers - Delorean Limo
…wait, did you say ‘Delorean Limo’? This changes EVERYTHING!

[INFOGRAPHIC]: When is the best time to tweet?

[INFOGRAPHIC via Louise Myers, find her Facebook page here]

At Bit Social Media, we send a lot of tweets. But there’s a specific time to tweet where you can maximize the exposure you get from these tweets—all depending on which industry, business-type, and content you’re dealing with. We found the following Twitter/tweeting infographic online, and feel it explains the most salient points regarding

the best time to tweet.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The best time to Tweet!