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5 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About Social Networking

5 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About Social Networking

If you’re a business owner, you can learn a lot about what your competitor is doing based off their social networking sites. By staying updated on what your competitor is doing, you will be able to find ways to improve your social networking skills and stay competitive in your market. Here are 5 things your competitor can teach you about social networking.

  1. Update, update, update! To successfully reach your customers, it’s important to stay connected. Businesses that consistently update their social media sites, can engage more people. Try to post each day to remind customers of deals or events going on. This will draw them to your site.
  2. Who is their target audience? Identify the type(s) of customers your competitor is reaching out to and trying to pull in. After you have identified who they are marketing to and how, you will have an advantage on how you will market to your target audience.
  3. It’s all about the customer. Social media platforms are a great way for your customers to brag about your business and their experience. They are also useful for responding quickly and efficiently to your customers.
  4. Are you connected? A big part of being successful through social networking sites, is making sure those sites are connected to your company’s main webpage. If customers have to search and search for your website, and can not go directly to it, they will be less interested. For example, you can add your company’s website link to the end of your Facebook post.
  5. Know how you rank vs. your competitor. By searching for related businesses that dominate your industry, you can see what it is about their social networking sites that make them so popular. This is a good way to learn about what you can improve on and what makes you stand out from your competitor.
How to Make Hashtags Work for Your Business

How to Make Hashtags Work for Your Business

What are hashtags?

The hashtag aka pound symbol (#), has become popular among social networking sites in organizing different topics. It is used to promote and draw attention to a specific event, person, or saying.  Putting the symbol before a word or phrase, makes it easier for users to find, follow, and contribute to the conversations about the topic.

How to use a hashtag:

  • put the sign in front of the word or phrase
  • no spaces
  • no punctuation
  • no special characters
  • #JustWords


In this tweet, the Visitor’s Bureau is using hashtags to extend their reach in winter promotions.

Why should your business use the hashtag?

By using the symbol while posting on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, your business is more likely to get noticed when followers search for topics related to your posts.  A good way to get started using hashtags would be to use already trending topics and those that are the most popular.  These are more likely to get your business noticed. You may also make up your own hashtags as part of a marketing campaign offer followers some kind of incentive for tweeting with that hashtag so many times. By doing this your followers are engaging and more likely to keep following your business.

5 Ways to Increase Web Traffic via Facebook

5 Ways to Increase Web Traffic via Facebook

Facebook provides great opportunities to increase traffic to your website!

Here are 5 useful tips:

  1. Make your images BIG! You’ll be sure to get more likes, shares, and click-throughs on if you post pictures, linked to your website, on your page that are large and intriguing.
  2. Keep your updates short. Your website will say everything about you and your business, but your status updates do not.  To engage your followers, keep Facebook posts short and witty. Do not forget to include a link to your website. Leave your followers wanting to click to know more.
  3. Use video to engage followers.  Posting short videos describing to followers why they should check out new things added to your website, such as products or a blog post, can interest them into wanting to know more.
  4. Create Facebook Advertisements. Facebook ads are clickable images that appear on News Feeds on desktop and mobile devices. When you click on the ad it will go right to the website.  The ads are a great way to communicate sales, special offers, and exclusive content
  5. Target your advertisements. With Facebook, businesses are able to use information such as gender, age, and location to reach their specific target market.
How to Gain More Twitter Followers in 2016

How to Gain More Twitter Followers in 2016

Here are 7 helpful strategies that will be sure to increase your amount of followers on Twitter.

  1. Jazz Up Your Profile– Make your profile and bio section interesting! These play the most important role in bringing in more followers. It is also beneficial to use a real picture of yourself and to use your real name.  While funny cartoon pictures or nicknames can be amusing to some, it makes finding out who you really are a little difficult.
  2. Rock the Bio– Your bio section is one of your more important assets on your page.  To really intrigue followers, make sure to use keywords that will signify what you’re likely to tweet about.  The keywords can help others find you when they are searching for those specific topics.
  3. Looks Mean Everything– A page that stands out can attract more followers.  By using one of the many default pages that Twitter offers, you can change the design and color of your page to better suit your profile.  Another way to make your page stand out would be to add a background image.  An image that is eye catching can attract more users to your page.
  4. All About the Tweets– People follow you on Twitter or any social media sight because they are interested in what you have to say. To gain more followers, being original and letting your personality show through your tweets is essential. It is also important to post regularly. If you wait so long in between tweets, your followers may be less interested and unfollow you.
  5. Post Compelling Links– Posting links that are related to hashtags or trending topics and a small description of the link can bring in more followers. Just make sure to use the trending keyword(s) or the hashtag symbol # in the tweet.
  6. Become a Follower Yourself– Following other people on Twitter should be a big part of your strategy to gain more followers.  If you are to follow someone, it is most likely that they will follow you back if they like what your profile looks like.
  7. Participate!– Become a part of the conversation. Tweet what you have to say about the topic and be sure to use keywords and hash tags.  If you want to talk to respond to someone specifically, don’t forget to use the @ symbol and then that person’s username.  Being an active tweeter on a topic can generate more followers.